Governance & Policy Project (GPP)

Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)

Policy Paper on Gender inclusion for GPP Interventions completed

In FATA women face the most severe constraints to economic participation compared to other regions of Pakistan. According to the FATA Development Indicators Household Survey (2014), only 5.9% of women were part of the labor force in FATA. Tribal norms against women’s interaction with men outside their family limit women’s economic opportunities. These norms tend to exclude women farmers from agriculture extension services, given that most extension workers are men. Research also indicates that women are typically excluded from family decisions on the use of the family’s land, the selection of crops, and the sale of agricultural products.

Women have some opportunities to earn income from the sale of surplus produce from home gardens and domestic livestock. Women also engage in processing agricultural produce in the form of home-made jams, pickles, etc. Women tend to sell such excess produce to other women from neighboring households rather than in markets.

This gender analysis focuses on the project’s activities related to public investment and public services in the broader agriculture sector, including livestock and irrigation.

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Governance & Policy Project FATA Operationalized

The FATA Secretariat is continuing to take governance reforms agenda forward and build on the improvements already achieved during the first phase of Multi-donor Trust Fund (MDTF). Governance and Policy Project (GPP) has been operationalized.

Implementation support for the GPP will be provided by two units i.e. Governance Reforms Support Unit (GRSU) and an Operations Support Unit (OSU). The OSU would support the P&DD in managing activities financed by the project and provide implementation support, including fiduciary, and M&E etc. functions. The GRSU would coordinate and monitor: governance reforms in the areas supported by the GPP; assistance and liaising with various LD & PEs to support the implementation FATA Long Term Governance Action Plan (2015-2025), and subsequent implementation. The GRSU will also collaborate with the FATA Directorate of M&E to monitor implementation of the Action Plan.

GPP Structure



FATA Officials underwent Contract Management Training

One day workshop on Contract Management organized by GPP



FATA Accelerated Development Strategy 2016-25 Finalised

The Accelerated Development Strategy (ADS) enshrines the spirit as well as details of the Government’s policy priorities



Brainstorming Session on FATA PFM Strategy

Governance and Policy Project (GPP)  FATA, a MDTF funded project has organized a 2 day brainstorming workshop



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