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FATA Tribunal started using Case Management System

FATA Tribunal has rolled out Case Management System on 15th October, 2014 after conducting series of trainings for Tribunal members and staff during month of August.

PCNA ISU FATA after operationalizing FATA Tribunal in February 2012 undertook comprehensive measures for institutional strengthening and development by launching Phase II of technical assistance for the FATA Tribunal. Institutional Development, Rawaj Codification, Training needs assessment and development of automated Case Management System were the key activities under phase II.

Development of case management system started with a series of consultative session with Tribunal management and long list of requirements were laid out. Prototype of the System was presented to Tribunal & PCNA during session held at ISU Chairman Tribunal and Registrar taken keen interest and appreciated application demonstrated by the Consultants. 

Later Two (02) Days long training session was held from 11 to 12 August 2014 which was completed successfully. A total of 8 officials/officers of FATA Tribunal were trained including Registrar and Reader on the FATA Tribunal.

A comprehensive hand on session was arranged in which the identified users (by FATA Tribunal Registrar) entered the data in the MIS. Moreover, Case registration, Case institution and Case Fixation modules were covered. The session includes information and practice on the Cause List, Cause List generation/printing, System Administration, User Management, Advocate ,Judges Management and Reports.

While talking to ISU FATA Sajjad ur Rahman, registrar FATA Tribunal, appreciated the system and said “the most important thing is to update the progress on the web, which is not only for us but for the litigants, lawyers and to the whole world in large’ he added that the training was very helpful to understand the procedure according to our duties, moreover, by updating the progress of a case will help the common people by getting the case copies from the web and will also be able to get the detail information regarding their case. “Transparency can also be improved by MIS” said by Sajjad ur Rahman.


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