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FATA Accelerated Development Strategy 2016-25 Finalised

The Accelerated Development Strategy (ADS) enshrines the spirit as well as details of the Government’s policy priorities

FATA Secretariat adopted Sustainable Development Plan 2006 – 2015 as strategy document to guide development process in FATA. This strategy has met his life in June 2015 after addressing development needs for Federally Administered Tribal Areas for about 9 years.

Since FATA’s development challenges comprise of underdevelopment in several dimensions as evident from low baseline of most development indicators requires major investments through public sector programs. FATA Secretariat felt need for another Development Strategy and revisit development priorities in line with strategic important of the region and existing developmental documents adopted by the regional governments. Multi-donor Trust Fund funded Governance Support Project while responding to the needs of FATA Secretariat undertook assignment of developing a document that serves to provide an integrated statement of development priorities.

The Accelerated Development Strategy (ADS) enshrines the spirit as well as details of the Government’s policy priorities. In generating the priorities, a process of consultations and expert reviews were carried out with stakeholder and these reviews went into the process of identification and prioritization.

A meeting to review & finalized the ADS was held in Planning & Development Department of FATA Secretariat, chaired by the Chief Economist FATA. ADS FATA builds on the development planning and management experience that has accumulated in FATA as well as elsewhere in the region evident from the process adopted to prepare Accelerated Development Strategy.

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Another key feature of this strategy is that it doesn’t only highlights the investment needs but also goes into analyzing the types and modes of investment that are appropriately suited to FATA this  ADS FATA in this regard is more than only an investment plan.

Additionally, it also delves into the implementation mechanisms and spells out the requirements of simultaneous and at times prior investments into institutional development and capacity building of implementing agencies of FATA.

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