Governance & Policy Project (GPP)

Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)

About Governance & Policy Project

The FATA Secretariat is continuing to take governance reforms agenda forward and build on the improvements already achieved during the first phase of Multi-donor Trust Fund (MDTF) through Governance and Policy Project (GPP). This project comes under Policy Reform and Governance Pillar, The outcomes targeted by the project take into account the specific priorities of FATA Secretariat as well as respective capacities for implementation. These priorities evolved as result of World Bank’s continuous support with governance reforms. 

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is “to increase transparency and effectiveness in public resource management and strengthen accountability of public service delivery in the agriculture sector of FATA”.

The direct beneficiaries of the upstream support are the center-of-government departments, i.e., the Finance Department (FD), and the Planning & Development Department (P&DD), as well as accountability institutions and the FATA Tribunal. Improvements in public investment, accountability in public services, grievance redress mechanisms, and community engagement are expected to benefit the people of FATA.

Component  1:  Increasing  transparency  and  accountability  in  the  use  of  public resources

This component aims to support priority PFM reforms based on the findings of the recent PEFA assessment. More specifically, it aims to improve budget transparency and accountability (subcomponent 1.1) and public procurement (subcomponent 1.2). Government financing will cover IT network expansion and maintenance for the FMIS and e-procurement.

Component 2: Improving public investment management and service delivery

The objective of component is to strengthen and institutionalize mechanisms for systematic performance monitoring, citizen facilitation and engagement in improving public services, private sector participation in service delivery, and effective grievance redress with a focus on agricultural services (including extension, irrigation and veterinary services). Government funds will cover the operational costs of the grievance redress mechanisms (FATA Tribunal, Governor’s Inspection Team) and investments in expanding the coverage of agriculture sector services.

Component 3: Ensuring effective support for the coordination of governance reforms and the operational management of the GPP.

To support the Government’s capacity to coordinate governance reforms and implement GPP-financed activities. The component will finance external consultants that will support the Government with the tasks outlined below. Government funds will contribute to the relevant operational costs.



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