Governance & Policy Project (GPP)

Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)

Steering & Guidance

Project Steering Commitee (PSC)
for Implementation of Governance & Policy Project FATA


Terms of Reference - PSC

  • Coordination with all stakeholders.
  • Periodic monitoring of the implementation process with special emphasis on achievements of targets and goals within the timelines as indicated in the work plan.
  • Provide strategic guidance on implementation bottlenecks.
  • Support efficient and effective engagement of donors in PCNA
  • Any other issue assumed by the GPP
  • The Steering Committee may meet as frequently as required but at-least once every quarter to review progress.

The composition of the Committee and its Terms of reference has been approved by the Additional Chief Secretary, FATA Secretariat, vide notification number FS/Notifications/DoP/MDTF/081 dated 04 March 2016

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